Storyline 2 update 12 question

May 11, 2017

This is probably the same kind of question that might get put out there with updates, but as I'm mid-stream on a Storyline2 project, it caught my attention.

From , update 12 has one item: "Added support for Google Chrome 57 and later on Android devices."

I'm at the halfway point on a project where some courses have been delivered, with others being finalized/published/delivered in the near future. If I were to install this update, and the new published files had this "added support", I'm wondering what that means for the already-published-and-delivered files.

Is there more detailed information on what, for example, update 11-published files are like in Google Chrome 57 without this update? What does the development team say "support" means?

My thought is towards the Android tablet users on my project. If this is a wise direction to go (update 12), I need to consider the cost (or lack of) in re-publishing & re-delivered things. Thanks for any thoughts!

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David Fair

Hi Scott,

Great questions. Google Chrome 57 for Android made some changes to the way audio is handled, which means audio in your existing courses might not work in Chrome 57 on Android devices. You'll want to install Storyline 2 Update 12 so your new courses work properly. Details here.

For your existing courses that have already been delivered, you can either republish them (after installing Update 12), or you can use the Articulate Updater to scan the web server or LMS where those courses are hosted and automatically update the course files without having to republish them. We'll release a new version of the Articulate Updater soon that adds support for Chrome 57 on Android. I'll let you know as soon as it's available.

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