Storyline 2 videos not playing correctly on IPAD

Jan 19, 2017

Hello all,

So I have a few published training modules through Storyline 2 that are not playing well with IPADS and our IMAC.  A large number of slides have small videos where an instructor is teaching.  On PC, they play fine. 

How it is built: No player controls, video starts automatically at the 1second mark on the timeline, plays within the slide, mp4 videos, small in size (15mb and under)

I know that html5 does not behave like flash does but I was not aware of html5 not playing videos at all. 

Further, any device using Safari as the Browser seems to not play the videos at all.

IPAD IOS Version 9.3.5

IMAC Version Sierra 10.12.2

second IMAC is Version El Capitan 10.11.6


Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Perhaps I just force people to use chrome or firefox?



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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Wes, 

Could you share a bit more about how you're testing your published content? Is the content uploaded to an LMS or web server? You mentioned that the videos aren't playing at all in Safari, but Safari 7 and later is listed as a supported browser for viewing HTML5 Storyline 2 content. What browser were you using to test the content on the iMacs?

Also, take a look at these reasons why your videos aren't playing in the published content. Let me know if any of those solutions work for you, or if we need to investigate further!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Wesley,

Were you able to review the answers and solutions that Alyssa previously shared? The next step would be to see how the courses work outside of your LMS - you could use a site such as SCORM Cloud to test those. 

Let us know how that goes or if you'd like our help testing it you can share your .story file with us here! 

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