storyline 2 vs storyline ....trigger to navigate to a "cue point" in timeline

Dec 29, 2014

dear al

in playing a movie mp4, it would be helpful if i could direct the user to specific time stamps (cue points) in the video (aka timeline in storyline)....

storyline is not able to do this...can storyline 2 do this.....

i dont really want to make separate short videos on their own layers such that buttons can get the user to the places in the video as this is too time intensive

hope story 2 can do this


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Tim Neill

This is a serious deficiency. 'Feature request' just submitted.

It is really tedious to have to split content onto separate layers and then display each layer (using a trigger and a condition) when a 'Next' button is clicked. Building up a screen of bullet text/images, etc. is something even PowerPoint can do!

And it gets worse - if there is an audio on each of these layers, when I click 'Next' to display another layer, the currently playing audio continues together with the new layer's audio. And no, I don't want to have to play/pause named audio files with a trigger. When you display a new layer, an audio that is playing on the layer you are leaving should stop. 

A lot of people have been asking for this 'jump to a cue point' for many months. Where is it?

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