Storyline 3.46 won't open projects that have been opened in newer versions

Apr 21, 2021

Sorry if this is already common knowledge, we found out just yesterday. What's really bugging me is that simply opening a project in 3.50 will make it not backwards-compatible (according to my coworker). 3.46 complains that it doesn't support custom text styles, which were not even used in the project.

I usually skim over the version history, but I didn't find anything relating to this. Was this communicated on a channel I am unaware of? A massive disclaimer would have been appreciated. And I don't really want to give up on the illusion that opening a file without saving changes will never alter the file.

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Ren Gomez

Hi Dominik,

Thanks for reaching out! This sounds like a unique situation and one worth taking a closer look into, as you mentioned custom text styles as the cause of the error.

The majority of recent updates made to text styles occurred in Update 47. I also saved a file in Update 50 using a Content Library template and had no issues opening it in Update 46.

Would you be able to share the source file with our Support Team to dig deeper into the issue and see why this specific error is appearing?