Storyline 3 Application window is unresponsive to resizing when minimized

With Storyline 1 and 2, when you open the application, you can resize it to whatever size you want on your desktop. With Storyline 3,the open application can either be maximized, or when minimized,  it will not resize from any of the corners, - minimized it fills the monitor horizontally with a small space on the top and bottom- it will not allow any resizing.  Is there a new setting I'm missing? 


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Lori Greenberg

Did anyone learn anything more about this? I can get the window down to about 3/5 the width of my monitor but no narrower - I was trying to compare two files side by side and that just won't work if there's some minimum width (and the height has a limit, too, but that isn't an issue for my current need) for Storyline 3.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Lori,

I believe all the other users in this discussion were having issues maximizing Storyline and it not going back to the largest possible set up. It sounds like you're having a bit of the opposite problem. 

Can you share a bit more about what version of Windows you're using, and what your screen size/resolution is? 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Lori,

It sounds like you're trying to shrink the size of the Storyline window so you can view two windows side by side, is that correct?

The minimum window dimensions for Storyline 3 are 1,280 x 800. If you can't fit both windows on your screen with those minimum dimensions, try this pro tip: press Alt + Tab to quickly and easily switch between windows without having to take your fingers off the keyboard. 

Lori Greenberg

I'm glad to know the minimum - thank you, Alyssa! Is there a reason for it? I have multiple screens and can simply move between those screens in addition to switching applications, but there are cases where actually having two instances of Storyline open side by side (for comparisons between versions and such) is quite handy and every other application I know of can do that...