Storyline 3 audio not playing using wifi network, but playing fine in LAN

Feb 04, 2019


We have developed a course for one of our client using SL 3 and, we facing below issue.

If we try to run the course on LMS using LAN, it is working fine (playing audio correctly). But if we try to run the course on LMS using WiFi, then audio is not running at all. We are using the same laptop for both the testing. Also tried on different machines and laptops but facing same issue.

We performed following steps to get the error report in WiFi network (LAN working fine) in chrome browser:

1) Press F12 and click on Netwok tab.

2) Right click on any .mp3 file and open in new window. 

This displayed the attached error. But in LAN network audio played in new tab.

Please  let us know the solution ASAP.



Pratik Kanade

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