Storyline 3 intermitent freezing modules

Jun 14, 2017

Hi, we have developed some courses and some employees are finding the modules freeze when loading. The modules include quite a lot of videos ranging from 2mb to to 20mb per video - we are looking into flash/browser issues to see if it is that whats causing problems but has anyone had freezing issues with having lots of videos playing?

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Max Peterson

Same thing happening here (SL3, in Chrome, video in MP4). It's been verified by several experts. 

When you click a slide that has a video, it will frequently just show the spinning wheel, and never unfreeze. The only option is to refresh the browser which is hateful UX.

What factors might be worth investigating?

If you don't have a direct answer, who should I contact?


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Max, 

I'd be happy to help. Can you confirm a few things for me? 

  • What version of Chrome are you using, and Windows or Mac? 
  • Does it work in all the other supported browsers, ie. Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer? 
  • Have you tried accessing the course link from any other internet connections?
  • Is the course hosted in your Learning Management System (LMS) or web server? 

What I'd want to do is take a look at your course/video in question and test it out in a few other environments. For example, in an LMS I would run it in SCORM Cloud, or a web server upload to Amazon S3 or upload to Tempshare. That would help narrow down if it's the course or the hosting environment too. 

The same with the browsers, testing out the Flash vs. HTML5 versions, and even the internet connection speed. It sounds like the video is being caught up in the loading - which isn't what I'd expect and something we've seen happen rarely.

If you want to share the .story file here or even a link to your course, I'm happy to start running through some of those ideas with you. 

If you'd prefer to work one on one with our Support Engineers, they're at the ready 24/7 here.

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