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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Russ,

You can run Storyline 1, 2, 3 and Storyline 360 all on the same machine. They will all have the .story file extension, so you may want to look at a file naming/versioning convention to implement. But if you open a file in a newer version as per usual it'll be upgraded and create that back up copy and if you try to open a file in an older version that it was created you'll see the error message detailing as such. 

For myself I run Storyline 1 and Storyline 360 on a Windows 8.1 VM and Storyline 2, 3 and 360 on a Windows 10 VM. 

Hope that helps! 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sam! 

Storyline 360 projects can be opened and edited with Storyline 3 except when they include new features that exist only in Storyline 360. Storyline 3 projects can always be opened and edited with Storyline 360. We think this is the best way to help customers who need to exchange projects between the perpetual version and subscription version (which will always be more feature-rich) of Storyline.


The SL3 mobile output will still go to the responsive player as you've seen in SL360. I know that it's something a few folks have asked for, so we've been sharing that feedback with our team! 

Russell Still

I have (again) submitted a feature request for the option of disabling the responsive screen formatting. It is the one thing that prevented me from purchasing SL360 last year. From a programming standpoint it would probably be very easy to do and would give us SL developers more control of our output.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi David, 

Storyline 360 is part of Articulate 360, which has everything you need for the entire course authoring process. An annual subscription service, it’ll provide you with continuous feature updates to Storyline (unlike Storyline 3). Articulate 360 includes the latest version of Storyline, our new web-based responsive authoring tool called Rise, plus all of our other authoring tools. It also includes 1.5+ million course assets, such as templates and stock photos, an easy-to-use project review app, and live online training with industry experts.

Check out this table to see how Storyline 3 compares to Storyline 1, Storyline 2, and Storyline 360. You can try Storyline 360 by signing up for a free trial of Articulate 360.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Christine,

Yes, still a 32 bit application. 

As for the issue you referenced, I think you're referring to how in the HTML5 output, the audio intermittently gets muted or does not resume when scrubbing back and forth on the seek bar? If so, that's still an open issue with our team. If you're struggling with something else, can you share a bit more information and a copy of your project file with us here? 

Christine Parker

I didn't realize there was an issue with the seek bar as well. I do know that the audio issue is known as I've seen it on the boards here. It's the volume control I'm talking about. When you click on it, it just goes all the way down and you can't bring it back up again so you basically have no volume control in full-screen mode unless you just use your computer volume.


Debbie Kay

Hi all

I was excited to see this release and just installed the free trial of SL3 with a view to upgrading, but find after publishing there are a few issues immediately apparent when trying to view in my LMS after publish and upload (Moodle 3.1) :

1. With phone and tablet set to view only in landscape, portrait view is still available.

2. At the end of the Chapter when you click our on screen button set up to close and exit the presentation, instead of closing the window, it just makes the presentation vanish but the window is still open with a text msg 'The content has ended. you may close this window' 

There is no button or anything visible to actually then close the window. (You still get the same message when the SCORM is set to 'open in the same window' in Moodle settings.)

3. Swipe (i.e. to go to next slide) does not work on quiz question slides.

Appreciate any suggestions?