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Darren McNeill

I hope that at some point Mobile and Tablet portrait views become usable.

Also I would like to have the ability to move multiple objects in the timeline up or down together. At the moment still, we can only move 1 object at a time up or down in the timeline which can be time consuming.

Another option I would like to see is the ability to add a new object to existing group, maybe just drag it into the group in the timeline. At the moment you have to ungroup and then select everything plus the new object and then regroup again.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Stephen,

I took a look at the issue we'd previously shared with our team and found it was reproducible under pretty specific conditions of having published the file for a second time after making minor changes and updates. Have you tested this out in Storyline 3 yet? It's still an open issue in Storyline 2, and I don't see a notation of a change in Storyline 3 to this behavior yet. 

Tess Richardson

Hi Erica,

I've been working on a course with screen recordings in SL3 all week. I noticed the resolution is not great, but thought it was me. (I have noticed that the resolution in Preview using the PC option is really, really bad! I've been switching to the phone or tablet view in Preview.)

I'll compare the SL3 recordings to another version of this same course done in SL2 if I can find a minute. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Tess and Erica, 

I haven't seen a lot of examples of screen recordings in Storyline 3 yet to compare them, but haven't noticed it myself yet. I'd want to start by checking into some best practices associated with screen recordings and my colleague Justin has some good information he shared here. 

You may also want to look at your overall screen resolution as well, we've seen some folks share that the preview or slide stage can appear blurry when using a screen resolution higher than 100% percent. 

Let us know if you want us to take a look we'd be more than happy to. You’ll want to upload the .story file here (which is the file prior to publishing) using the “ADD ATTACHMENT” button at the bottom of the forums reply window. If you’d prefer to not share in the public forums you’re always welcome to share with our Support Engineers here. They’re available 24/7 to assist! 

rey alo

So I'm trying this one out and it's pretty sleek. I didn't have any problem converting from SL2 to SL3. That responsive player is what I've been waiting for. However, it seems that, for LMS content, I cannot save for offline viewing even if I enable that in the  Publish Format dialog box. Maybe I'm missing something? Thanks.

Jane Cho

We recently updated our SL1 to SL3, and while everything worked well on our trial run, now that we purchased it, we're having all sorts of conversion problems.  I've submitted a ticket already, but would like to know if anybody had the same issues.

On some files, we lost our SL1 file, as it converted the file to blank in SL3. And the backup file was saved as blank as well.

Also, for some that we were able to open and edit with no problems, once we zipped and published, and uploaded, the LMS course would show as blank slides.

And there are many more buggy things that are happening as we are converting our old SL1 files. If we knew it was going to be this difficult, we wouldn't have made the purchase.  This is really a problem for us as we have hundreds of courses to convert.  please help us what we can do.

Ashley Terwilliger

Sorry for the delay Jane, and I see that Vira let you know we were all at an offsite meeting on Friday so they'll be in touch as soon as they can. 

As for updating the files, you shouldn't need to go from Storyline 1 to Storyline 2, prior to Storyline 3. Our support engineers will want to take a look at one of your files and find out a bit more about the issues you're running into. Can you respond to Vira's latest email and share a copy of your .story file? 

William Johnston

Hi guys, I just got this if anyone is interested - Storyline is a must:

"Hi William,

I am currently working on a role that I think you could be a great fit for. The position is a Junior/intermediate Training Materiels writer to help design and create eLearning Courses and additional instructional materials . The full job description is below for you to review.

Our local client is looking for a junior/intermediate Training Materiels writer to help design and create eLearning Courses and additional instructional materials 

The primary objective of this role is to:

Design and Create eLearning Courses
Create short Instructional Videos
Produce short Job Aids that support training

Closely work with our instructional designer to storyboard eLearning content, design short videos and provide documentation that is easy to understand for our large remote workforce.
Create eLearning courses and short instructional videos
Work very closely with subject matter experts and our instructional designer to create training content that is relevant to the current needs of the business and that is conducive to learning.
Design and create interactions within these courses to increase engagement and transfer of knowledge.
Trouble shoot ad-hoc errors within the eLearning authoring tool.
Other ad-hoc activities as needed.
Qualifications and Experience:

Experience using eLearning authoring tools. Articulate Storyline is a must.
Experience using Camtasia, GoAnimate, SnagIT, Adobe Premier Pro and other video editing software is a plus.
Minimum of 2 years in training design and development, specifically within an eLearning capacity.
Franchising and/or Travel Industry experience considered an asset.
Experience working with a Learning Management System would be advantages.
Solid understanding of Office365.
Proven ability to work with multiple overlapping projects with multiple subject matter experts.
Strong organization and planning skills with the ability set priorities and adhere to deadlines.
If you believe there is a skills match please feel free to contact.
(604) 6625586 
Kind Regards,
Gina Salveta"