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Katie Riggio

Thanks for those details and for giving Storyline 3 a repair, Paul. We'll keep digging until we find the culprit!

Can I confirm that you're working locally (typically the C: drive)? Additionally, I'm curious to know if you run into that error with other projects. If it's just with a particular one, could you share the .story file with us so we can try to replicate the issue? Here's the link if you need to share it privately!

We'll be here!

Katie Riggio

Thank you, Paul! 

Ah, I'm able to reproduce the same message on my end. Have no fear, though, as I've enlisted the help of our stellar Support Engineers! Someone from the team will be in touch shortly with some next steps to try, and I'll follow along so I can share any relevant information. I'm itching to know what's causing this!