Storyline 3 zip file is blank.

Aug 24, 2021

This is a repost as the attachment was missing on my original post.

I went to publish a file today and sent a zip file to a colleague. She was loading it in BrightSpace. However, she came back to me to say she was getting an 'invalid file format' message.

When I clicked on the story_html5 zip file on my own computer, it opens as a blank page in the browser. The file was exported under LMS. I also tried Web but the result was the same.

The same Storyline file was fine the other day and gave no problems. The html file opens correctly on a Mac.

What am I doing wrong? I've attached the zip file here.

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Sean O Domhnaill

Thanks for replying Phil. I've just found out that they had a technical hitch at their end and were doing something wrong during uploading.

I'm still mystified though as to why the HTML file comes up blank on my own Chrome browser. I saved it as HTML only. It might be a local problem too, since it works on my Mac.

Thanks again for your help.