Storyline 360 and Moodle - SCORM display on mobile

Feb 20, 2017

Hi All,

I am using Storyline 360 and our developers are using Moodle 2.7 and we're having issues with how the SCORM files are displaying when testing on an iphone 6 and other mobile devices - they are not fitting the screen correctly.

In Storyline 360 I have set the settings to be: Browser size - Resize browser to fill screen, Player size: Scale player to fit browser. I have also selected for the modules to appear in Landscape view only.

For Moodle our developers have set 'force new attempt' and disabled the 'display table structure property' (I am not sure what they are referring to when they say this) in an effort to fix the display on phone.

When testing on an iphone, in landscape view, there is a blank white section across the top and down the side of the module and the module starts half way down the page, you then have to scroll to see the whole module but it still doesn’t accurately fit the screen. I have uploaded some screenshots to explain what this is looking like. It is also displaying in portrait view which it shouldn't based on the settings I selected in Storyline.

Previously in Storyline I selected the 'launch player in new window' option - when this option was selected the module opened with a launch page (which we do not want our users to come across) and the modules displayed perfectly on the iphone.

I have also tested the SCORM files on SCORM cloud are they display correctly on my iphone there too. 

Has anyone experienced a similar issue with Storyline on mobile devices or when using Moodle?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! 

Thanks, Tegan

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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Tegan, it sounds like this is a Moodle-related issue since everything worked correctly in SCORM Cloud. I did want to ask about your comment that the content is displaying in portrait view when it shouldn't based on the settings you selected in Storyline. Does that happen in SCORM Cloud as well, or only in Moodle? 

I personally don't have experience using that particular LMS, but I know we have lots of Moodle-users in this community, so hopefully they can chime in here and assist.

Better Health Company

Hi Alyssa, 

Thanks for your response. I did think it was a Moodle-related issue but thought I'd try my luck here in case anyone has experienced a similar thing. 

In Storyline I have selected for the modules to be 'landscape' only. In SCORM cloud when you hold the mobile device Portrait it prompts you to rotate it, the module then fits the entire screen with the player option visible. However in Moodle it displays the SCORM file in Portrait and Landscape view - both views require you to scroll to see the player features and the player does not properly fit the screen. Not sure if this is another Moodle issue?


Better Health Company

Hi there, 

Our developers are still trying to work it all out. They're not Moodle experts so they are doing research into how they can fix it - it's doesn't seem like there's a simple solution!

I also posted a similar post in a Moodle forum - here's the link to it - Some of the responses might be useful. 


Dan Green


In the organisation I work in we are also in trial mode of Articulate 360. We love it!!!
However our LMS is moodle and we have come across similar issues. When a course made in Rise or Storyline is imported into moodle the package is fine and all the bells and whistles work,


it's not responsive and doesn't fit the screen well on mobile/tab/etc. (it seems like the scorm package is opening up in a smaller window instead of full screen as it was designed for) This is definitely a deal breaker. 

Yes yes I know it's moodl's fault etc etc... but it seems many people are having this issue and if the guys at Articulate will help solve it it will benefit everyone! 

Hope to hear good news.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Dan, 

Glad to hear you're loving Articulate 360! I know that we've seen issues in the past with how Moodle forced content to display in an iFrame causing the course to not scale correctly on different devices or within the window itself. It sounds like the same thing may be occurring now for you with Rise and Storyline 360? Storyline 360 would have the setting to launch in a new window as detailed here, but you may also want to check if Moodle has a setting that would allow it to display outside their iFrame to accommodate Storyline and Rise. 

With Storyline 360 you should be seeing the responsive player, which is a bit different than how Rise will display entirely responsive on a mobile device. 

You could also reach out to Tegan directly using the "contact me" button to see if they were able to get any other updates from the Moodle team.

chad nixon

Yep testing it outside of Moodle works. So for now I am just linking outside of Moodle to get it to work, it is not the best solution but it doesn't screw with the formatting. Also the video wouldn't play in the mobile player until I updated to IOS 10 on my iPhone. Customers were complaining about the video freezing. This only happened when I was using it as a scrom.

Michelle Lamont


I was experiencing the same issue this morning when testing a Storyline 360 module on a Samsung phone and Samsung Tablet hosted on our Totara (open source distribution of Moodle) LMS.  The view was much worse on the phone though - huge black window with the module sitting in the middle which I had to scroll down to view and the menu and nav buttons where along the bottom of the black window, not along the right of the module. This was the same in portrait and landscape views.

What fixed it for us after lots of fiddling and testing was changing the Totara SCORM setting from 'Display package - New Window' to 'Display package - New Window (simple)' - I'm not sure if this option is available in Moodle or if it's a Totara addition.  The module on the phone and tablet now looks exactly the same as the Storyline 360 preview.

However, it's just unfortunate that all this testing has highlighted a different issue with SCORM results not coming back to our LMS on phone and tablet only, with only Storyline 360 modules - no issue on laptop or desktop. I was searching the forum to see if anyone has raised this, and that's when I stumbled across this post.  I'll continue my search for the later issue and will raise another post if I can't find anything.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Michelle,

Thanks for sharing the steps to get the course to display correctly on your iPhone/iPad from within Totara.

For the tracking issue - it doesn't sound familiar, but we'd be happy to help give it a test by seeing how it tracks at SCORM Cloud too. We use that as an industry standard to test out content and I'd be happy to give your course a test there too. Drop the .story file into your response using the "Add Attachment" button.  If it's a long course, just give me an answer key to make it a bit easier. 😉 

Zhi Kai Yap

Hi there. I tried launching the course in a new window using the orange launch button. It works with mobile web browser. But when I try to view the same SCORM package using Moodle's mobile app, the package does not launch and redirects me to a blank page with 'Index_LMS' line. Is anyone experiencing this same problem as well and is there a workaround this problem? Thanks a lot in advance

Zhi Kai Yap

Hi there, 

Thank you for your reply. I have tried with SCORM cloud and It is working as it should on my mobile web browser. I got it working on Moodle App by disabling the "Launch in New Window" checkbox in Articulate. But by doing that, it ruins the responsiveness on mobile web browsers when accessing Moodle through mobile web browsers as pointed out by OP in the second screen shot. So I guess I cannot make it to work on BOTH Moodle App and mobile web browser. What a shame...

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