Storyline 360: Black lines appearing on the side

Oct 04, 2019

Hi Everyone,


I would like to ask if anyone encountered some black lines appearing on the side? Please check the video attached. It doesn't happen on every page and occur only in some random pages.



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Jen Wicking

Hi Malik.

I have had similar, albeit grey lines randomly turning up on some of my pages, with no apparent cause. I found it was only happening in IE11, and seemed to be the edges of text boxes randomly showing up.

I put it down to the fact that IE11 doesn't handle HTML 5 well (which is how we output our courses) and so I deleted and remade any offending boxes and republished my course, then the issues seemed to go away. 

Sorry I can't be more help as I don't know the actual cause, but that worked for me. 

Katie Riggio

Hello Steve,

Just in case Malik is no longer subscribed to this discussion, feel free to use the Contact Me button on their profile page to reach out.

We're happy to jump in, too!

  • Could you share more detail on the computer along with its resolution setting?
  • Do the lines appear on certain slides or random ones?
  • Are you comfortable with sharing an affected file for testing? You can use this private upload link. We'll gauge the performance in IE and Edge, and delete it after.

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