Storyline 360 - branching without feedback prompt / text

Nov 19, 2019


I have made a question slide with four possible MC answers. After the user selects an answers and submits this interaction (Pick One 1) no feedback text should be shown and the user should go to another, but not the next slide.

To do this I delete any text from the feedback prompt field, I make sure it is empty. I do want to branch to a certain slide. So I select this slide in the feedback window dropdown 'Branch to the following'. I then click OK and everything seems ok. Branching but no feedback(text). But when I then go to slide view and back to form view again the default text which I just deleted is shown. Added automatically.

It seems that branching is only possible when you use feedback text. I am new to Storyline, so am I doing something wrong? And if this does not work, how can I after submitting this interaction branch to an other slide without being interrupted by a feedback prompt?

Thank you very much!

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Paul Ras

Hi Lauren,

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, I have tried that. But I can not figure out how to use branching after an interaction (points should be added to %Results.ScorePoints%) without providing any feedback. So a learner for example has to answer a mc question, selects answer D, submits this interaction, should see no feedback,  should go without pressing a button to slide Z which is not the 'next slide'. If the learner selected answer C he/she should go slide Y.

When I choose Feedback: none, it is not possible to select a 'branch to the following' slide per answer.

When I choose Feedback: By Question / By Choice it is possible to select a 'branch to the following' slide per answer or correct/incorrect answer(s). But then the learner is shown a feedback layer and has to click a button to go to the slide selected in 'branch to the following slide'.

Hope you can help.


Michele Spotts
This problem that Paul posted about 2 years ago is a user interface design issue that should be fixed, or make the program function the way the prompt tells you.

He was trying to delete out the feedback text because it clearly states "(Leave blank for no prompt)".  I was originally going to create my branching the way Ren suggests here. However, after seeing this prompt I set up my entire scenario of 30 slides up that way.  Now I need to go back and redo them all, and lost about two hours of my life.

Please fix this.  I attached the screenshot of what I am talking about. 
Lauren Connelly

Hello Michelle!

Thanks for sharing these details with us! I'm sorry for the hassle this has caused. I want to make sure I'm communicating this to my team accurately. Ren suggested adding a trigger to jump to a specific slide when the timeline starts so that the branching isn't dependent on the Continue button. Can you share more about the branching settings you've selected in the Feedback pop-up?

If you can share a .story file or screen recording, that would be helpful! I appreciate your collaboration here!

Michele Spotts

Hi Lauren,

Yes, Ren's idea works just fine.  It was actually my original plan of attack going into the project, and I used that method later on. 

However, the issue here is a User Interface Design issue with Storyline.  I am attaching a picture where I have circled the issue.  For reference, this is in a Question Slide > Form View >More (next to the feedback per question) that you would click on to create branching. 

What I have circled is a statement that says "Leave blank for no prompt."  The original post on this thread did exactly what I did, removed any feedback statements and went through my branching under the assumption that because I left the feedback "blank" it would not show a prompt.  However, that is not at all how Storyline works and when you return to the screen feedback is added back in.

In order to prevent future users of Storyline from going down a similar path, I am suggesting for the next update you removed the circled statement "Leave blank for no prompt" until you are able to have Storyline function so it removes the prompt when left blank.