Storyline 360 Course Not Showing Complete in LMS


I finished a course about a month ago and parcipants were reporting that the course was not showing up in their transcript as complete even though they passed all quizzes and received the certificate I included.  

I did a little research and saw that the problem might be with how the course is tracked so I changed tracking to "track using complete course trigger" and made sure I added triggers to complete and exit the course to the final slide. 

That seemed to work, but when I did the SAME thing for the next course, the paricipants again reported that the course wasn't showing as complete.  AND, some people are still having trouble with the first course showing as complete. 

Both courses have more than one quiz so I did not want to track using the quiz results.  

 Our LMS is Net Dimensions if that makes any difference.

I am attaching images of the final slide for each project. Please let me know what I might be doing wrong. 

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Velma!

Thanks for including those screenshots. The first thing I noticed was the order of the triggers. One course has Exit Course first, and the other course has Complete Course first. 

Triggers will fire in the order that they are listed in the trigger panel. If Exit Course is first, the course will close before it has a chance to send the Complete Course trigger. 

Here's what I would recommend: add a Exit Course button on the final slide. On that button, add a trigger to "Exit course when the user clicks the button." Then, add a trigger to "Complete course when the timeline starts" on the final slide.

That way, the Complete Course trigger will happen first, before the learner has a chance to click the Exit Course button. 

Let me know if you see an improvement after making those changes!