Storyline 360 displaying "Not enough memory" when trying to save.

Feb 03, 2022

This is a rather urgent one. 
We have 4 people who are all experiencing the "Not enough memory to save" message on an increasingly frequent basis. It does not matter if they are working on a new project, an existing project, a small one or a large one.
I experienced this myself, with the only programs open being Storyline 360, Outlook and Skype.
The project had saved several times without issue, but then started to play up.
I am hearing this issue time and time again when speaking to colleagues in different locations and previous colleagues from other companies. I also notice posts from 9 years. 5 years and 4 years ago saying the same with no resolution.
This is a serious issue for ourselves, has the problem ever been identified?
Thank you in advance,

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