Not enough memory with 32Go RAM ?

Mar 16, 2018


My problem is that I can't save or save as, I have a message from storyline (360):

"It seem that your system run out of memory". I have plenty of space in my Hard drive and 32Go of RAM ddr4. Is it not enough ???

This is a big issue for me because it's not the first time it happens. Every time I loose 1h or 2h of work. This has to be fixed. 


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Pete Richardson

Christophe, Leslie: I've been keeping my task manager open to see what's going on with my memory. I notice that SL3 sits at about 520 MB when I first launch it. As I work, it creeps up  but doesn't really go down appreciably (some sort of memory leak?). After about an hour of work it's up to 1.5 - 2.0 GB. My PC has 16 GB of ram and I've found that when SL3 gets to between 2.5 GB and 3.0 GB navigating within the program gets pretty janky until I get the memory error shortly thereafter.

I've been finding that if I close and reopen SL3 every hour or so, the memory is purged and I can keep working normally. Not a perfect solution, but I'm no longer having to redo lost work. Hopefully the team at Articulate can figure it out and get a patch out soon. :)

Pete Richardson

Today I was working on another project in which I had not switched to Modern Text. The memory usage may have been slightly creeping up, but nothing like what I saw before. The project that was giving me memory problems was one that I had built prior to the upgrade, then after the upgrade turned on Modern Text. Maybe that's where you're developer might find the problem?

By the way, I'm loving Modern Text - kerning has been a sore point with many of my clients.

Cheryl Hoffman

I've gotten the blue screen of death three times in the past week. I can't say it was SL3-related or not, but the past two weeks' worth of SL3 files I worked on are now corrupt and can't be opened. Good thing I have trust issues; I make new versions on a weekly basis - so I've only lost 2 weeks' of work (as opposed to six). Something to pass along to the support team, just in case it IS SL3-related.

Cheryl Hoffman

Taking a tip from Pete above, I launched Task Manager. I currently have TWO SL3 courses open, and only working in ONE of them. The one I'm not working on, is slowly creeping up in memory usage. Started at around 400MB, it has now crept up to 725MB - and I haven't even touched it since I started watching it in Task Manager. Point to ponder.

Update:  I clicked SAVE before closing it, and that took it up to 997MB. Dang!  146 slides, and I haven't even recorded the audio yet. (well, I did in Version 5, but that one is now corrupt - so I get to do that all over again)

Cheryl Hoffman

Interesting! At the risk of sounding...uhhhhh...unenlightened - where would I find this setting?  I dug around after seeing your post, I'm not seeing it anywhere.  UPDATE: Found it, disabled it. (for anyone else looking for it, it's on the Design tab under the Fonts dropdown)

Before disabling, my project was at about 789MB as I chugged along working on it.

After disabling, it's sitting around 580MB.

Well, there ya go. Thanks, Pete!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks, Matthew, yes Update 14 of Storyline 360 addressed a memory leak and you can access that update by launching the Articulate 360 desktop app on your computer and click the Update button for each application. Details here.

If you're using Storyline 3, we'll release this as an update 4 for Storyline 3, and we'll let you know as soon as that's ready. 

Jason Kramer

Unfortunately, using the latest update, I immediately started having, what "seems" like, memory leak trouble. Storyline 360 is basically unusable at the moment. Going to try some other courses to make sure it isn't the course I am looking at. But I had not noticed this laggy behavior previous to this update in this course.

Joy Eliot

I am experiencing the exact forms of laggy behavior and frequent crashing described in this thread. I have the newest version of Articulate 360 installed. I am unable to run any programs simultaneously with Storyline except a specialized skinny browser (I can't even keep Word open for reference, and I'm using my phone for Outlook, that's how extreme it is). And Storyline still freezes or refuses to save/publish multiple times a day. I'm versioning my work within an inch of its life and hitting the save button about every five minutes so I haven't lost anything, mercifully. But I'm having to either close Storyline or reboot the entire computer multiple times per day in order to get anything done. Today I had to reboot the computer twice in the first hour, and all I was doing was pasting buttons from one story into another.

I do have only 8GB of RAM, which can't be helping (my company ordered more, but it's not here yet). I'm running Windows 7. My team members are all either on Windows 7 with 32GB, or Windows 10 with 16GB, and aren't having performance issues of anything like this severity.

Even when it's not crashing, doing anything, particularly with images, feels like playing Warcraft on dial-up. Any help? My course doesn't even have audio yet!

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