Storyline 360 for multiple users in LMS course

Hello folks. We are a large community college creating an assessment/onboarding course for new students. The Blackboard course contains multiple Articulate Storyline 360 Scorm modules with a grade center total column that indicates whether or not the students have passed the course. We will be enrolling large numbers in the course. The population we want to enroll this semester includes 63,000 users. The modules have successfully been tested in Blackboard across various browsers and devices.

My question involves potential problems that we can try to mitigate before we encounter them. For example, have others experienced problems with multiple users accessing Storyline modules? Is there a recommended number of users per course that includes Storyline? Will we encounter any issues with the grade center with a large number of users, based on your previous experience? We could create multiple copies of the same course, so any recommendations would be appreciated.

I realize that there are LMS and browser issues involved as well, but I would appreciate any advice about how to deploy these Storyline assessments.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Kari,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing your scenario and concerns. I can certainly appreciate the proactive approach you're taking to deploying this out to such a large audience.

It sounds like your questions are surrounding Blackboard, and I know that we have many users that use that platform, so I'm looking forward to them chiming in with their experience and best practices.