Storyline 360 - Hover state and Visited state interactions

I am creating a course that has a "landing page" where we require learners to click on 3 sections of content before continuing. I created 3 buttons to accomplish this. However, two of them aren't quite interacting properly.

In the Visited state, I want the button to turn green (with a check mark). All three do this no problem. What I want to have continue is when you hover over them AFTER you visit them (and the state is Visited) for the box to remain Green instead of the Normal Red. One of them does this, the other two do not.

I am fairly certain that I duplicated the buttons from each other, so in theory they should be the exact same... Below link to the Review file for reference. I could find no differences in the Storlyline file between the buttons.

Can anyone help me out here? Minor thing, but really annoying to me to not have this work. Thanks!

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Math Notermans

Although in the file attached i have a workaround for your issue, it is not solved. Its a workaround...showing a blocker ( to block the button ) and a new button on a layer to make sure your visited state button shows properly.

Alltogether i do have to state ( pun intended ;-) that Storyline's states, although powerfull can act in weird ways and not behave as wanted. Personally i prefer creating custom buttons than relying on state behaviour.

Kind regards,

PS. i kept the blocker layers visible to show the effect. Offcourse in a final setup you can make those transparant.