Storyline 360: Need help with what I think is a 'variables' problem

Aug 28, 2019

I have two buttons on the base layer. The reveal for each button is in it's own layer. So:

  1. Button 1 reveal is on layer 1
  2. Button 2 reveal is on layer 2

I want the reveal to display for button 1, when the learner clicks button 2, and vise-versa.

How do I do that?

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Randy Hill

Sorry Cindy, I don't quite follow what you are wanting to do. So you have 2 buttons, the action for each is to show something on a layer? Button 1 to show what's on layer 1 and button 2 to show what's on layer 2 correct? But you don't want the user to be able to press button 2 until they press button 1? In that case, make the initial state of button 2 disabled. when the user presses button 1 create a trigger that says change state of button 2 to normal when user clicks button 1. 


I do have triggers on each button to show their associated layer.

Here's the scenario:

I click button 1 and view the layer with the reveal text.

When I click button 2, I want to still be able to see the reveal text for button 1, AND see the reveal text for button 2 on layer 2.

And the reverse: if I click button 2, and then click button 1, I want to be able to see the reveal text for button 2.



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