Storyline 360 no icons in Content Library

Jun 21, 2017

When I try to insert icons from the content library, the library only shows greyed out warning triangles with an exclamation mark, no content. There's no problem with photos or illustrations. I've tried multiple searches with common terms and I've run the latest update. 

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Lyn Pearson

Interestingly the issue seems to have resolved itself this morning, after more than a week of not being able to access icons. However, on right clicking an inserted icon, there is no longer the option to 'Change picture' through the content library - only 'Change shape' - the local shapes, but I don't see this as a big issue.  I had also tested an old file that I'd made in April, that already had icons in it, and could no longer insert icons in that. The support engineers got in touch and I've liaised with them. However, I thought it worth mentioning points here in case others had the same experience & could document it in this thread. Thanks everyone.

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