Storyline 360 not displaying some slides

Hi there,

Having an issue I have a module I am building with 100+ slides and all was working correctly. I have been doing some edits and now 2 of the slides, when I select them just show a gray screen (see screenshot) and cause the same to happen to any slides viewed after one of these have been viewed.

Anyone had this happen and know how to resolve it?





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Crystal Horn

Thanks for the insight, Wendy.  Tristan- we're happy to give you a hand with troubleshooting this behavior if you'd like to open a case with our support team.  Be sure to let them know if you're working on your local C: drive.  I would also try importing those problematic slides into another project just to rule out any broken elements within them.

Crystal Horn

Ah, thanks for coming back in with that update, Tristan.  I see you were working with Vevette in your case (986870) as well.  It's so hard when slides, or some small element within them, get corrupted unpredictably. 

You're welcome to continue to work with support to see if we can find out where in the process this happens, as it sounded like you have had issues more than once with upgrading projects and corruption.  We're here to help!  Thanks again.