Storyline 360 Printing certificates and sending email

Does anyone know how we can either print a customizable certificate or send an email consisting of compiled notes taken during the workshop to the user?

I know we could in SL2, but when I try to open the HTML file for 360 in Notepad I get pages of nonsense characters and Word won't open the SL1 file at all. I'm trying to manually publish to Articulate Online.

If not, I really hope this stuff is all backward compatible and the files can be opened in SL2.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Laura,

Are you looking to utilize the steps described here for Storyline 1/2 and Studio 09 and 13? I don't know that the same steps will work within Storyline 360, and as we don't support certificates of completion or emailing results I can't say that anyone on our team has tested it out. 

If you created a file in Storyline 360 or made changes to an earlier file in Storyline 360, those changes won't be backwards compatible to earlier versions of Storyline. When you upgraded the file to Storyline 360 from Storyline 1 or 2 it should have created a back up version as detailed here and you could use that one within the earlier version of Storyline in which it was created.