Storyline 360 SCORM packages - are they different than the export from Storyline 2?

Mar 08, 2017


I have a customer asking why the new courses made in Storyline 360 loads differently (slower) than the ones made in Storyline 2?

It appears apparently when running from a specific LMS.

Anyone knows if the publish/export function has been changed?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Niels!

That's a great question! Supported SCORM specifications haven't changed from Storyline 2 to Storyline 360, and I haven't heard of one spec being faster than another.  There could be a few other factors to consider here:

  • Is your customer comparing a Storyline 2 course and the same course after it was upgraded to Storyline 360?
  • Were the same publishing quality settings used on the courses that are being compared?
  • Are the Storyline 2 courses defaulting to Flash content and the Storyline 360 courses defaulting to HTML5 content?
  • Have you tried comparing the load time in SCORM Cloud with the load time in your LMS?

If you feel a course is loading abnormally slow, we'd definitely want to take a look at that. You can share your file with us here, and our Support Engineers are available 24/7 to assist!

Niels Peter Johansson

Hi Alyssa,

The vendor did publish with the option of having html5 first, flash second (fall-back). They republished it with flash first and html5 second, and the testing so far indicates that might have solved the issue. My guess is that html5 might be a bit slower in loading than the flash edition is. Using flash does not matter since all the end users have the flash player plugin anyway.

So thank you so much for the list of factors that helped me guide the customer (and the vendor) to try another publish setting.

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