Storyline 360 to SharePoint

I recently made the switch to Storyline 360. I previously had Storyline 2 and was able to publish for the web, create the .aspx file, and upload to SharePoint through Explorer.

In Storyline 360 I can not get the same results with that process. Instead, upon clicking the .aspx file on SharePoint, I receive a prompt to save the .html file. If I click save, a blank window opens. I have tried this in both Chrome and Internet Explorer 11.

Is there something I have to do differently when using 360?

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Lauren Connelly

Hi John!

I completely understand how it would be helpful for us to offer support for integrating Storyline 360 content to SharePoint, One Drive, and Microsoft Teams. 

SharePoint Online doesn't play HTML files. As a result, SharePoint Online can't play published Articulate content since it includes HTML files.

I'm happy to continue advocating on your behalf for a better solution! In the meantime, we welcome the community to share ways they've customized Storyline 360 content to fit their needs.

John Luttrell

Thanks so much, Lauren. This is such a great community for a great product, so I would love to see a solution to this.

There is some awesome under-the-hood technology with Storyline publishing in the various formats, but SharePoint and Teams seem to be a big gap for many users. I've been trying to help, but seems that we're all hitting a similar wall...

One of the things that SharePoint is looking for is an .ASPX file as the launcher, so many of us have simply made a copy of the story.html or story

Brian Allen
John Luttrell

Hi friends,

I feel that it would be supremely helpful to the entire Storyline community if Articulate provided support for SharePoint, OneDrive, and now Teams. They are viable and extremely ubiquitous intranet and extranet collaboration platforms and seem like a perfect way to deliver learning and performance support content.

I've tried the numerous hacks that are documented in this discussion thread and some work, but do so inconsistently. Is there nothing that the folks in development can do to help out the user community on this topic?

Do we really need to hack all these various systems or the content we've developed to get this to work? In many cases, we're working with a consulting client and have little or no influence in the client's intranet platform. But, Office 365 and it's family of products are so widely used, that it seems a disservice to the community and our clients or employers to produce content that can't be shared on that platform.

Yes, learning management systems are the most appropriate platform to provide content to learners, when tracking progress and completion of training modules or courses is important. However, there are many use cases where SharePoint is a more appropriate platform because it's integrated with a team collaboration site and is a performance support tool or just information distribution. 

Question for Articulate staff: is there anything being done on this? Or should everyone on this thread just give up and stop trying to make this work? I know I've spent countless hours trying to get this to work. I'm not trying to be sarcastic, honestly. If the answer is 'no', then the answer is 'no'. 

+1... John, completely agree with this, thanks for championing this.


Hello John,

I share all of your thougts made so clear in this post.

I also work with consulting clients most of the time. And further, I feel that more and more firms are fed up with kind of Cornerstone solutions, heavy and costful. Even big firms are likely to search for solutions where training modules are linked to their workers thanks to their Google or Microsoft ID, and tracking results built up within a single googlesheet, or an excel and, in the end shown on a simple dashboard. They want simple and agile solutions taht could fit easily in their software process.

Hope you will be heard

John Luttrell


As far as I know, there has not been an official Articulate response to this community request. I believe I submitted a feature request when this thread started, but will submit another one so as to bring some attention to this much-requested functionality.

If an Articulate staff member is reading this, maybe you could shad some light on this???




And to complete what John pointed out, I think that there is a question of resource allocation that prevents the development of SL360. All the forces are thrown into the realization of an integrated elearning platform with Rise, able to compete with Moodle, Cornerstone and Co, and to seduce big firms. If you were looking to promote a complete platform, would you at the same time be looking to develop an independent tool capable of plug into any platform or ecosystem like Microsoft or Google? I do not think so.

Too bad, SL360 is really a powerful tool with so many killing potential improvments.

James Wallace

We had the same problem (obviously) with a Studio 360 course that was deployed on SharePoint Online. I renamed "presentation_htlm5.html" to "presentation_html5.aspx", launched the course with that, and it worked fine. Unlike John's experience above, all of the Engage interactions in the Studio course worked fine, without having to re-publish them separately.

Tom Frederick

I creating content with Storyline 360 and just want to share it on the web.  DropBox, OneDrive, and SharePoint do not seem to work.  I just spent two hours painstakingly reading over comments starting three years ago.  Can anyone give an update on where this functionality stands and where I can find an SOP doc on publishing to the web from Storyline 360?

Tony Gonzalez

I have tried these steps and other steps and continue to have issues. When I copied the story.html and renamed as launch.aspx, and use the URL within SharePoint to launch the launch.aspx file, the page launches but I just see the code (it doesn't play the course) - see attached. Any suggestions?

John Luttrell

Hi Tony,

What I've found is that the renaming approach no longer works consistently in SharePoint. You might try the same approach, but put the published folder into OneDrive and try opening the launch.aspx file. In SharePoint, you'll see exactly what is in your screen shot. It will either open the file and show the code or it will force a download.

The issue is the .json files that Storyline includes in published projects. It's the same issue with Captivate. Both use .json files as part of the published files. Articulate has not published anything about the issue (as far as I know), but Adobe has: 

Try the OneDrive approach. If that doesn't work, check with the SharePoint admin to see if .json file types can be enabled on the server. Please let us know how things go!

Tony Gonzalez

Thank you for your quick response, John! When I click on the launch.aspx from my OneDrive folder, the same thing happens where the file opens in Chrome, but it shows the HTML and doesn't launch the course/tool. When I click the story.html file in OneDrive it works perfectly. I have asked my IT Admin to ensure .json file types are enabled on the server (fingers crossed that this may resolve the issue) - Tony

James Wallace

We had a lot of trouble getting courses to work in SharePoint 365 after we upgraded from SharePoint 2013. Here's what worked:

  1. As a site master administrator, sign in to the SharePoint admin center.
  2. Navigate to the Settings tab in the left-hand menu.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "classic settings page".
  4. Scroll down to the Custom Script section.
  5. Make sure these two options are active:
    • "Allow users to run custom scripts on personal sites"
    • "Allow users to run custom scripts on self-service created sites".

The Settings page says it may take up to 24 hours for the settings change to take effect, but I've talked to others who said under certain circumstances it may actually take up to 48 hours.

After waiting, it still appeared not to work, but I discovered that only aspx files that I uploaded after the settings change would work. Ones that were already in SharePoint before the settings change would not. But if I downloaded the older aspx files, deleted the ones on SharePoint, and uploaded them again, they worked.

Also, there may be places where one of Articulate's html files launches another html file. This is especially true with Presenter. You need to edit the html renamed to aspx files and change any statements that launch other html files to aspx.

John Luttrell

Thanks so much, James! Some really great info! Yes, there is some redirecting with the HTML files, so you need to adjust the references from HTML to ASPX.

I guess I would recommend that we all submit a feature request to Articulate to make the ubiquitous  Microsoft 365 environment (SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams) one of the publishing options in Storyline. 

Has anyone had similar issues getting Rise content to work on SharePoint?