Storyline 360 to SharePoint

I recently made the switch to Storyline 360. I previously had Storyline 2 and was able to publish for the web, create the .aspx file, and upload to SharePoint through Explorer.

In Storyline 360 I can not get the same results with that process. Instead, upon clicking the .aspx file on SharePoint, I receive a prompt to save the .html file. If I click save, a blank window opens. I have tried this in both Chrome and Internet Explorer 11.

Is there something I have to do differently when using 360?

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Lauren Connelly

Hi John!

I completely understand how it would be helpful for us to offer support for integrating Storyline 360 content to SharePoint, One Drive, and Microsoft Teams. 

SharePoint Online doesn't play HTML files. As a result, SharePoint Online can't play published Articulate content since it includes HTML files.

I'm happy to continue advocating on your behalf for a better solution! In the meantime, we welcome the community to share ways they've customized Storyline 360 content to fit their needs.

John Luttrell

Thanks so much, Lauren. This is such a great community for a great product, so I would love to see a solution to this.

There is some awesome under-the-hood technology with Storyline publishing in the various formats, but SharePoint and Teams seem to be a big gap for many users. I've been trying to help, but seems that we're all hitting a similar wall...

One of the things that SharePoint is looking for is an .ASPX file as the launcher, so many of us have simply made a copy of the story.html or story