Storyline 360: Unable to restrict bookmark to the beginning of a quiz

Sep 23, 2018

Hi everyone,

The majority of all the lessons I develop have content mixed in with knowledge checks and a mandatory quiz at the end that requires a minimum score to get credit for completing the course.

If the user exits a course, the bookmark allows the user to resume where they left off. This works great except when the user starts the quiz and exits the course.  If the user answers two questions and then exits the course, the bookmark takes the user to the next question, instead of restarting the quiz. I want the bookmark to only resume from the beginning of the quiz.

There are 10 quiz questions. Each quiz slide property is set to "when revisiting: Reset to initial state."

Is this possible?

Thank you for your help,


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Leonard Puglia

Hi Maureen,

I'm going to answer this on the assumption that you have each question built individually and represented individually in 'Story View'.

Now, I've never tried this, but I'm wondering that if all of your questions were pooled into a question bank, then this will show one 'slide' in story view. At a guess, I wonder if the bookmarking mechanism will return to the question pool and ask all questions again?

Again, I've never tried or tested this, but just a thought if you don't get any other responses on this topic.

Maureen Matsumoto

Hi Leonard

Unfortunately, that did not work. 

And, I have a new problem. There are 10 questions worth 10 points each. If I exit the course during the assessment, not only does it return me to the question, but it also doesn't reset the score if I retake the assessment. So if I get 6 questions wrong, the 4 questions that I got right the first take is worth 40 points and the score keeps accumulating. If that makes any sense.

Thanks again for your help,


Leonard Puglia

Hi Maureen,

It was worth a try. I've created a few quizzes in my time, and funnily enough, I've never thought about what happens if a learner bails out mid-quiz.

The new problem is an even greater concern - surely someone has encountered this before. Good luck with it. If anything comes to mind, I'll certainly add to this thread.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Maureen!

You mentioned that when the learner starts the quiz then exits the course midway through, you want the learner to resume at the beginning of the quiz. 

There isn't a way to resume the learner back to the first quiz slide. However, Storyline has 3 resume options, and it sounds like Never Resume is the best choice for you.

The Never Resume option forces the course to start at the beginning of the course, even if learners previously completed part of it. They won't see a prompt. 

I hope this will work for what you're looking to do!

Maureen Matsumoto


If a quiz is created in QuizMaker, and the player is set to "Never Resume," and it is imported into a Storyline course, will the QuizMaker settings stay "set"  at "Never Resume" in the Storyline file, even if the Storyline file is "set" at "Prompt to Resume?"

Thanks for your help,


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Maureen,

That's a good thought, but actually the Quizmaker slides don't have their own player when you import them into Storyline. Those quiz slides will adopt the same player settings as the rest of the Storyline slides. 

We've got lots of creative folks in the community here, so I'm looking forward to seeing the ideas they'll share with you!

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