Storyline 360 with (mp4 video embedded). Publish settings HTML5

Feb 07, 2021

Since the demise of Flash, we've had users say, the video's in SL360 don't work, when these projects were re-published as HTML5 only, as the output setting.

When we inspected the issue we republished the video projects as HTML5/Flash instead, and this worked.  I wanted to understand why this would be the case, and if the HTML5/Flash setting has any future impacts for projects with video embedded, in light of the demise of flash.

Thank you.

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Kim! 

I'm happy to help! Do you see the .mp4 videos not work in a specific browser after publishing for HTML5 only? I haven't come across a similar issue, so I'm interested in the environment where the videos aren't playing.

If you wouldn't mind sharing your project with me, I'd like to test it on my end. Here's my direct upload link.

Kim Rushbrooke

Hello Lauren, thank you for the response.  The issue is fixed (for now) using the HTML5/Flash publishing setting.  This issue was raised by one of my colleagues over the Xmas break and due to workload I just did what I knew fixed it.  However now we have time to 'breathe', I'll go through the issue in detail to establish the settings for working & not working to assist your analysis.  Get back to you.  Thanks again.

Kim Rushbrooke

Hello Lauren, during this week I did some step by step analysis of the issue, and it would appear there is no problem I can expose.  My colleague presented the issue to me this week, however I am uncertain of its history.  When I attempted to force a problem to occur, I couldn't, and so I've put it down to the user's private pc/laptop O/S and browser settings.  Our organisation uses group policy for our machines so its unlikely its caused on-campus which I proved when I tried to force a problem. I thank you for the support despite not having anything of interest to share.  Great work by Articulate as always.