Storyline activity not being marked completed after successful completion

Nov 11, 2020

My storyline lesson activity is not being marked completed after it has been successfully completed. All Moodle LMS settings are correct and match what we have in our other work environments.

I recall this happening once before and believe the error was found in the storyline settings. Does anyone have any idea what it could be?

Thank you in advance!

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Richard Maloney

Hi Dan,

Thank you for responding.

Yes, our version of Moodle is still supported. Also, I have updated, published and uploaded other courses over the past couple of months without any problems. This is the first course giving me issues.

I've used backup and Restore from one of our higher work environments and am testing if that also has the completion problem in this, our lower work environment. Assuming it works as expected, I will need to remember how to download just the .story file so I can edit, save, publish and upload it to our lower work environment.


Richard Maloney

It works! The lesson activity is being marked completed when I finish it.

Now I need to remember how to download just the .story file from this work environment so I can make the required updates.

Any assistance here would be appreciated... it's going to take digging through many months of emails to find when we last discussed doing this.

Dan Marsden

Can I ask what exact Moodle version you are using? - the amount of times I've heard "we are using a supported up-to-date release" to find out that's not actually the case... is quite high! :-)

For example... 3.5 is a supported release, but the browser related fixes didn't land until 3.5.11, so if you're using 3.5.10 or earlier then you won't have those fixes in place.

Richard Maloney


Yes, I can imagine, Dan. It's like the old Help Desk 1st question, "Is the unit plugged in?"

As an ISD, I'm not familiar with the UI development side. I do know we are using the last 3.5 version of Moodle, whatever .# that might be. We're in the process of upgrading to 3.9 but that is a couple months down the line.

As I said, this was not an issue with any other course I've updated and also the "problem course" worked fine when I backed up the version on a higher work environment and restored it to the lower environment I've been working in. So, that issue is now resolved.

My problem now is isolating the .story file so I can download that for updating. I have done it in the not-too-distant past but cannot for the life of me remember how to do it. If you can offer some guidance on that, I would be eternally in your debt. 

Richard Maloney

Unfortunately, recreating the full course is not an option. I know I downloaded courses from our Production environment last September in order to create an archive of our latest courses. Somehow, I was able to extract the .story file and upload that to our SharePoint system. Unfortunately, I did not take notes and neither did anyone else.

Thank you for all your help, Dan. I'll create a new discussion post for this. Someone else must have done this. 

Richard Maloney

Well, this problem HAD been resolved, but that solution will not work:

The inability to extract the .story file from the fully-functional course I'd backed up and restored from another work environment brings me back to the original problem:

This ONE course is not being marked completed by Storyline 3 and not reporting the completion to our LMS. Let me be clear: the error is definitely in Storyline. All other courses I'm updating are working fine and we did have this problem a few months ago with this one course. That proved to be a Storyline settings error. The programmer who worked for us then has moved on and is currently unavailable to help.

Has anyone else had this problem with a storyline activity (lesson activity) not being marked complete in Storyline? Any suggestions on fixing this will earn you my eternal gratitude, and most likely at least one gold star.

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