Storyline and Recorded Audio

Jul 30, 2013


I'm doing a narrated screen capture. I know the mic is working as I see the audio levels during the recording. However, when I insert the slides into the sceen (not as a screencast; into individual slides), the audio is not present. 

If I record the audio into each individual slide, the mic works, and I get the audio in the timeline. 

However, doing the demo with the audio and actions at the same time, does not bring in the audio.

Any ideas?



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Leslie,

If your loading the video in your Storyline using the "step-by-step" mode, the audio will load be placed on the slides with the video. You'll find directions about that here, where it also states "Step-by-step slides display only the action-related clips of your original screencast.  As a result, the recorded audio would not match up to the individual slides if it were included.  Your audio will still be available in your original screen recording in case you also want to insert it as a video on a single slide."

Hope that helps! 

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