Storyline and Saba (LMS)

Jun 03, 2014

Hi!  Does anyone have any experience with Storyline courses added to Saba?  We have run into an issue with courses not being tracked as complete.  We are uploading the scorm zip file to the LMS.  There is a quiz and a survey (Survey Monkey inserted as a web object) at the end.  Could either of these be our culprit?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Krista and welcome to Heroes! 

I'd first recommend reviewing this article on troubleshooting common LMS issues in relation to reporting and tracking your course. I also found some documentation regarding Storyline SCORM 1.2 content in a Saba LMS, that is never set to Completed or Passed because Saba utilizes cmi.core.exit differently than most other LMSs, which prevents content from registering completion. There is a fix detailed here that you may also want to look into. 

Saadia Batool

Thank you Leslie! I have attached screenshots and wanted to check if I modified the code properly. I was not sure if I needed to give extra line space or move the line to start where the line above is starting. Can you please tell me which of the screenshots have the right way of modifying. Thanks!