Storyline Consistency Issues

Nov 19, 2015

I have been experiencing issues when building courses with a couple of things on a rather frequent basis. 

1. Resources - PDFs will randomly not work and have to be re-uploaded (they would work previously, however I usually end up making multiple drafts/publishes and it will decide to stop working in one of the versions, even when no changes have been made to it)

2. Audio will cut out on a random slide in the course.  To fix I just edit the audio, make no changes, save and close, then re-publish the course.

These two issues have plagued me on essentially every course I have been building lately. It is completely sporadic, and there is no telling when or where it will happen. 

Is this a common issue with Storyline?  I have a relatively fresh install of the program on my computer (less than a month) so I can't imagine it jumbled itself up already.   

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