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Aug 26, 2015


I am having a lot of problems with corrupt Storyline files.  Yesterday a project I was working on became corrupt. Fortunately I was able to open a previous back-up and spent several hours updating the content. Today that new course is also corrupt.  Can you provide any suggestions on how to repair this file?  I am working off my local C: drive and using Storyline 2 (all updates applied).  I am also experiencing issues with Storyline freezing when I go to exit a course. The instability of this product is causing a lot of frustration and lost time.  Can you assist please?


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Rachael Crovo

I am having something of a similar issue. I have been saving my project daily with new titles. The most recent save I made was yesterday and I made significant changes to the project. There is now an error message popping up when I try to open the most current version.
When trying to save yesterday afternoon I came across a ParentContentClosed Error message. This morning when I came into work I tried to open the most current version and it came up with the error message that it is an invalid or corrupt file, and that the project could have been created with an earlier version of Storyline. However, I am the sole person working on this project (which I have spent over 80 hours of my time working on it) and can assure you the only version of Storyline I have been using is Storyline 2. I am extremely frustrated and I have deadlines to meet. If you could help resolve this issue, please let me know. I have attachments of the two error messages that I have received to show you what exactly I saw/see when trying to access this project.

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