Storyline Course Testing

Nov 20, 2018


I am coming from a programming background and when we do software testing we use Selenium to automate testing in our apps especially large ones. Selenium would then interact with the web app (E.G. click, drag, etc.) after this is done. The results would tell us if there's a bug, glitch or there an improper redirection of a page.

My question would be, is there such a thing as an automated testing tool for Storyline courses? This would help us in the QA phase of our project and would help us if the course is behaving as it should. 


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Hans Christian Macaraeg

Hi Christian,

I am hoping that the community experts with experience and utilization of this practice can shed some light on your concern.

For the time being, this thread had a good ideas that you can use for you to move forward a little. My apologies for not being that helpful and for not giving you definite answers on your concern.

All the best on your current and future projects.

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