Storyline courses/modules not completing

We received reports on Friday that learners the modules they were taking weren't reporting as complete to our LMS. At this time, it is my best guess that it is a browser issue. I wanted to ask if anyone else is running into this issue. I will continue my research and update this tread with what I find out. I can replicate this issue and my current set up is...

Windows 10

Chrome 73

Cornerstone for Salesforce (LMS)

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Katie Gokhshteyn

Hello, fellow Richmonder. Sorry you and your learners are hitting this snag!

Have you tried testing in another LMS environment like SCORM Cloud (an industry-standard LMS testing tool) to see if you can replicate the completion issue there? The outcome will tell us if the problem lies within your Storyline or LMS' output. 

Hope you get community feedback from other Cornerstone users, and we're here if you need a hand with testing!

Charles Zoffuto

Hi Katie, 

Yes I have. It worked in SCORM Cloud using Chrome. I ran the debug scripts and nothing looked out of place. I was able to determine that it must be something with the interaction between Chrome v73 and  Cornerstone for Salesforce. For now we are recommending that our learners use IE to complete their training. 

Thanks for checking in with me. 


David Abel

I too am seeing this when using the 'Course Complete' trigger with 360 on this latest version of Chrome. The slide count trigger and quiz results trigger appear to function correctly. It's great that Charles' LMS provider is working on a fix. Can we assume an update is coming from Articulate as well to address this?