Storyline crashes a lot...

Dec 08, 2021

Since I installed the latest version of Storyline it's been crashing a lot, 5-10 times aday. What's happening? It seems to be mainly while working with pictures, but can come at any time. Should I rollback to previous version? Or is "everyone" having theese problems so I can expect an upgrade soon?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Marcus,

We do not see an increase in the "Out of Memory" error. If you've noticed this behavior since your last update, I'd recommend repairing your software install if anything went awry.

Also, be sure that you have enough available disk space, which is listed in our hardware requirements:

  • Available Disk Space: 1 GB minimum
Heather Forbes

I am constantly having the same issue.  I am on a free trial trying to decide if this authoring tool is the way to go and I constantly get a big red X and have to close out and shut down.  It's making it such a challenge that I am wondering if this tool is something I would invest in.  Having to close out and restart multiple times in a day is frustrating and making me click the save button every 60 seconds it seems.

I have a ton of disk space.   I thought maybe the issue was because it is a free trial.  I wish this could be resolved.  

Marcus Algotsson

For us it is the best authoring tool. There are issues sometimes but the big ones are repaired very fast :)

We've been working with Storyline for 2,5 years now and are pushing it to it's limit. There are of cause some functions that we're missing. But when we did our test of different tools Storyline came out on top, and I still think that it's so.