Storyline Draw from Question Bank Slide Properties

Jan 27, 2023

I am creating a group of quizzes in Storyline by importing Quizmaker files into separate scenes. I am using the Draw from Bank slide for its Draw Questions Randomly and Include ## Questions options. The annoyance I have found is that the default Slide Properties for the question bank are to Submit after each question. I see the option to switch from Submit to Prev/Next but see no way to Apply to All or set as default in any way. Considering the number of questions I am dealing with, manually changing all Slide Properties is less than ideal. Anyone have guidance?

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John Morgan

Hi Timothy,

Currently, there isn't a way to apply that setting to all your questions or set that as a default. The best way to possibly see a change in a feature is to submit a feature request. You can submit one here. If the request makes it onto our feature roadmap, we’ll update you in this conversation!

Thanks for reaching out!