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Bruce Graham

No problem Rives.

I found it initially very frustrating that, for example, Glossary and Circle interactions were not there, but remember - it's a different product that shares some features

For Glossary, I now just arrange it in a Word file, and then copy and paste the content to a Text Scroll Box, (with the term titles in bold), place that in a lightbox slide, and activate it from a label/tab at the top-right. It lokks REALLY neat

It takes a while to get your "head-space" adjusted from Studio to SL, but you will get there :D


Bruce Graham

Phil Mayor said:

There is also the built in player glossary, although I find the text is a little too small

Meant to mention that.

Yes - found it (after a recent post), but I never liked the way in Studio that half of the letters were empty (sorted in new version), hence developed my own way around it.


Jill McNair

Built-in features (like markers, glossaries, etc.) by their nature, limit design decisions.  This is true for any program.  What I love about Storyline is that you can reject any feature that doesn't work for you and build your own!  Don't like the glossary? Build your own.  Don't like the lightbox?  Build your own.  Don't like the markers? Build your own.  Storyline puts more design decisions into the hands of the designers than any other program I've used.