Storyline file compression issue


I am having issues with my exported stroyline file and I want to ask if there is anyone that is experiencing similar issues. 

I have exported my file for LMS SCORM 1.2

When I upload the zipped file to the LMS, the images don't appear properly.  Please refer to the attached image called 'pre zipped version.png' and then 'post zipped version.png for an example.

I have been told that a potential cause of this problem is because the file names and folder structure are too long. This therefore exceeds the operating systems character limit and some images are lost.

However I didn't receive an error notifying me of this and I would think that the folder Articulate gives me after exporting is correct.

I hope this all makes sense, any help would be greatly appreciated! 

Thank you :) 




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Brian Dennis

You'll need to work with your LMS provider to find out the specifications for your the operating system on which your LMS is running. Quite frankly most modern operating systems support very long filenames so a) your filenames have invalid characters (parens or slashes), b) your LMS is quirky or c) your LMS requires a different file structure.

SCORM Cloud would be a great starting point to debug, as it's the gold standard and would point the issue squaring with your LMS. Good luck.