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Aug 11, 2014

I see a lot of support articles on changing the color and changing the font in the Storyline Player. I understand how these are accomplished. But what I can't seem to do in Storyline is to change the COLOR of the font on the text displayed by the Notes tab. In Presenter I did this with PowerPoint. But in Storyline I can't seem to do it. I can, of course choose a different color scheme, but my whole goal is to create a custom color scheme. It seems I am able to adjust the color of just about everything in a color scheme except the color of the text displayed by the Notes tab. This the color of the text displayed in the column of text, NOT the header on the tab itself. Anyone have a technique? Thanks!

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Emily Ruby

Hello M,

Thanks for sharing the file. I did change the color of the text in the Notes panel, and the notes are now showing up as black in the player. I also checked in your custom "Flat" player set up, and the Transcript>Heading text was set to White, which is what was making the Titles show white in the Notes panel.

See attached file.

Anirudh Vyas

I spent almost 4-5 hrs in trying to change the font color, but at last nothing new came up... its still that way, Developers should have add this thing in SL2 also like its in SL1.

As I read above discussion, can we write a code for it and it to the published .html file?Atleast from black font color in notes we can change to white? 

Tina Vivian


I discovered something similar, but a different causation.

The published file was changing only SOME of the notes colors in one of my files, and I hadn't seen a solution to this anywhere on the web.

My issue was that some of my slides notes displayed in the color I chose (and the default in the player) and some of them changed (to white, where I couldn't see them at all), even if I formatted them a specific color in the Notes panel on the bottom. I changed player settings... everything.

Then I discovered that I had two different slide master Themes with two different Color sets. So while some of the notes were black, the ones with a different master theme always shifted to white. I discovered this because I specified red in the Notes panel trying to track this down, and the slides with a different master theme shifted to green.


That's when I noticed that the color was in the same position in the color grid, but they were different sets (Office vs. Apex, etc.) and had a different color in that position. So once I changed the ones with a different themed master so that they all have the same master theme and color set - that fixed the issue. Took an hour or so to track that one down. :P

S. Yu

Just wanted to second the earlier solution from Manfred: if you use the "Clear Formatting" button on the entire Notes field of each affected slide, it will clear out the invisible formatting preventing the field from publishing properly. 

In case you need it, the Clear Formatting button is found in the Font section of the Ribbon, next to the buttons for making font size bigger/smaller. Looks like an A with a pink eraser on top. 

I just ran across the same issue of inconsistent Notes font color in a SL2 project with slides imported from an older version of Presenter. I also did not see an "Editor >> html_text" setting in the player colors and manually changing the color on each slide didn't change anything when published, so wasn't sure where to go from there until I found this thread. Thanks! 

Mary Aversa

I'm having a similar issue to this one. I have a course that is changing Notes text color at will from black to white and vice versa. (The color should be white on all text.) I have one scene where two consecutive slides' notes colors actually TOGGLE. Slide 2 starts out white and slide 3 black. If I change slide 3 to white, slide 2 changes to black. If I change slide 2 back to white, slide 3 turns black again. AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!! This looks so unprofessional to have the font color be so inconsistent!!

I've tried changing in the player editor and the notes panel. I've cut the text from the notes panels, copied them into a notepad, then pasted them back in to make sure there isn't embedded formatting.

I'm using Storyline 2--Update 12: 1705.520

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