Storyline freeze. "requires flash.ocx" error

 This happened while previewing a slide with simple animations and a couple of screeenrs on it. It was after leaving the computer for a few minutes so the HD was probably asleep...

My OS is win7 enterprise sp1 running on 64 bit. First time its happened. I have the v3 Storyline update installed.

Anyone had this before? Possibly the preview tried to call up a file that wasn't accessible because the HD was still spinning up???

I tried the "solutions online". Nothing...

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Steven,

That error usually means that Flash isn't running properly, or isn't properly installed.

I agree with you, though, I think this may be because the preview was left open and the hard drive went to sleep/shut off, etc.

Have you tried rebooting the machine? If so, does the same thing happen when you open the project or preview the project?


Steven McAneney

After forcing Storyline to close with Windows Task Manager the preview worked fine. Just to be clear, my Storyline project was open in Slide View when I left the computer, not in preview. I experienced the error when I returned to the computer and tried to preview the displayed slide. It would be nice if Storyline produced and error message saying "Cannot preview file. Please try again" or something, rather than just freezing and potentially losing data. Just my thoughts....

Katie Riggio

Welcome, Simran! So sorry you've come across this roadblock. We can help!

This discussion is a bit older, so I want to make sure you get the most up-to-date guidance. I'll need your help with these key details:

  • What version of Storyline are you using?
  • Could you share a screenshot the notice you're seeing?
  • Do you see this message when previewing the course, after publish, or both? 

Looking forward to digging deeper!