Storyline Freezes When Editing Action Fine Tuning

I have a module with 17 slides in one scene and 33 slides in another. The second scene is a screen recording. Previously, I was able to Edit the Action Fine Tuning with no issues. However, now when I try to edit the screen recordings on the slide, Storyline freezes and I have to force close it in Task Manager. This has happened over and over and over again. Task Manager has CPU as very low, but the RAM is spiked during these freezes.

I've tried doing this on two different computers:

- Latest Generation Macbook Air with 8GB RAM, 4GB RAM allocated to Windows 7 virtual machine

- Three year old iMac with 12GB RAM, 6GB RAM allocated to Windows XP virtual machine

I also created a brand new file and imported the slides, just in case my original file was corrupt.

I really don't know what to do, but I'm very frustrated that this is happening. Any ideas?

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Geert De Rycke

Hi Lisa,

Memory management has always been a very hot topic in the forum.

Storyline is a 32bit application and can therefore only address 2GB.

Some of these memory issues have been addressed in the upgrade which was released mid December. (checkout if your running the latest release)

Sometimes, it helps deleting the temporary files in the articulate Application data folder. Don't worry, you can even delete them while publishing.

I developed in a similar environment and I also had these unfortunat events happening once in a while. I is the same behaviour as if I was developing from a network drive, which as yiou know isn't the ideal environment for Articulate.

May I suggest you open a case with Articulate Support, they may shed a different light on your problem