Storyline Hover State Glitches When Grouped

Hello Community,

I have run across yet another issue that conveniently showed up after another Storyline update. I have 3 groups of objects. Each group has a trigger to change the state of those objects to hover when mouse hovered over. The restore on mouse leave is checked. This was working before the last update, but after the update the restore on mouse leave does not work. The fix was to remove the triggers from the group and place individual triggers on each of the objects within each group.

Thank you

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Brent Daviau

1. Is anyone else having similar issues with hover states where they are working prior to an update, then magically broken after an update.

2. Is Storyline staff aware of the multiple bugs that were supposedly fixed in prior updates (such as this one) are now resurfacing every time an update is made with new features? It is extremely frustrating to have to re-open courses and QA / fix everything every couple of weeks because there is a lack of QA before the software is released to the public. My teammates and I have wasted countless hours troubleshooting and fixing interactions that were perfect to begin with, only to have an update completely mess it up.

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Brent!

I took a look around and I didn't see any forum threads or cases related to previous issues for you, so I first wanted to invite you to let us know when you run into these issues so that we can address them. You can share in the forums or even privately with our support engineers here.

No, onto your current report. I know we have an open issue where 'Restore on mouse leave does not work when changing state of an object', but this one existed prior to the update and you mention grouped objects - so I fear you may be experiencing something different.

Would you be able to share your .story file for us to take a look at?