Storyline HTML files not loading on browsers

Hello Heroes;

Do you know if there is a new issue with the story.html file not loading on browsers?

I have been using Storyline for a while now and today different story.html files are not loading in my browsers.  I have tried with Chrome, Explorer and Firefox.

Once Explorer asked me for permission to load the content, this is the first time this have ever happened.

Any ideas you could share on this issue?

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Balkys Robles

Good morning Brian;

My apologies for missing the same information that my users miss when they report an issue.

I am using the following browser:

On a PC running Windows X Pro, I'm using the following browsers:

  • Chrome Version 53.0.2785.116 m (not running from local pc drive or shared drive on server)
  • Firefox 48.0.2 (not running from shared drive / running from local pc drive)
  • Explorer 11 (not running from share drive / running from local pc drive but asked permission to allow blocked content)
  • Edge  38.14393.0.0 (not running from from share drive / running from local pc drive)

The experience is the same, the wheel turns and the package does not load.

On a Mac running OS X Yosemite 10.10.5, I'm using the following browsers:

  • Chrome  38.14393.0.0 (64-bit) 
  • Firefox 49.0
  • Safari 9.1.2

Here, the story.html loads on Firefox and Safari, but not on Chrome.

The SCORM Packages load and run when uploaded to our LMS.

Before yesterday, I had not problem running the story.html from our shared drive in any browser.  My team does the first round of reviews this way, not in the LMS.

Thank you.