Storyline + iPad + Tin Can + Moodle solution?

Oct 24, 2012

Hi All, 

Has anybody found a effective method of delivering content built in Storyline, to customers using iPads, via a LMS such as Moodle and tracking results?

Our specific requirement is to have our customers self register on Moodle and use enrolment keys provided by our sales staff to access the Storyline course on their iPads and have results tracked and reported by Moodle.

So far I have tried:

  • SCORM Cloud + Moodle via iPad, but the Java scripting was blocked by Safari and therefore unable to launch the cloud hosted Storyline course. When it does work I get a "Content Authorization Failed" error.
  • Exporting the Storyline course in HTML5 (with LMS support),  uploading it to Moodle and accessing it via Moodle using Safari but the player displays far too small and playback is clunky (requires scrolling etc.)
  • Exporting the Storyline course in HTML5 (no LMS support) and loading directly into the Articulate mobile player app. But obviously there is no reporting of courses unless the Storyline course is using TinCan standard. 

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chad nixon

Yep cool I used SCORM Cloud, Grassblade and WAX from Moodle and it gave me the information i needed and a whole lot more but it wouldn't tell Moodle that a student passed the course. I would have to go to scorm cloud to check if they passed it. I wanted to set it up as an activity in Moodle so we could track their training from one place. Also I need to have it set up so that the course is prerequisite so that they can get to other courses once they have passed. Is there a way to for any of the LRS systems to push information back to Moodle that you know of? 

Cédric Mallet

Hi everyone

I have been working for year with a patched version of moodle 2.7 using the code provided by Jamie in this thead. We have been able to store courses on moodle, have users read them on the iPad mobile App and have their progress stored in the tracking data inside moodle through Tin Can.

We have a huge problem after upgrading to Storyline 2 : when deploying using TinCan and reading the course, I get the error message "Undefined offset: 0 usertracks in scorm/locallib.php line 1544).

has anything changed regarding TinCan between Storyline 1 and 2 ? Is there anything in the patch that needs to be amended ? So far we have lost the TinCan support and hence the tracking feature with the iPad :(

Thanks in advance

Cédric Mallet

Hi Ashley

I'm not sure about the Tin Can version, but I guess the plugin by Jamie was built to work with Storyline 1, so most likely 0.9

I have no idea about the changes between 0.9 and 1.0 so I'm unable to upgrade the code by myself. I have managed to get rid of the error messages displayed when opening the activity, by changing one line of code in the parsing of the tincan.xml file. Yet I get errors inside the course regarding the connection to the server. Maybe it's just a configuration issue with the Web Services, but that's beyond my knowledge :(


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