Storyline layers cause flickering in iPad

Oct 09, 2012

I am trying to use two half second layers to simulate an elapsed timer for each slide and it works perfectly on a desktop/laptop computer.  The only issue is that these courses need to be played on iPad's running iOS 5 & 6.  On the iPad it seems the layers cause flickering as you can see the screen flicker twice before the elapsed timer increments once.  I was wondering if there was a way around this so that the elapsed timer can be kept.

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Dylan Post

I can verify the issue. It apparently is only the HTML5 player and when switching layers. To my knowledge it doesn't matter if they are automatic via the timeline or another trigger, anytime I have moved between layers (not slides) on the iPad it flickers once or twice. (I haven't figured out the differences between one or two yet). Let me know if a solution materializes! 

Kristin Savko

OH!! I am having this exact same problem! Please let me know if anyone finds a resolve...or I can submit a report too.

It happens on question slides too, when the results layer appears. HTML 5 on the iPad really seems to have problems with layers. I've found if there's much more than 4 layers on the slide, it has major trouble loading.

Ryan Sweeney

I've also begun publishing for mobile and see this flicker.  I've worked around by removing layers and navigating in a more linear fashion, but it takes away from some design. 

Is there an update on the update or another method i could use to avoid this issue?  I have tested via a mobile app and not in safari, but it appears the same rules apply here.

Content Dev

We're also experiencing flickering on the iPad. Unfortunately we have built around 2 hours of content so to go back and change all the layers to states would be quite a task and quite limiting in places.

I know it has been asked before but it would be really helpful to know if/when a fix for this is being rolled out so that we can plan accordingly.

Actually, the same could be said for all Storyline updates/fixes. Greater transparency about what's about to come would enable all Storyline users to plan ahead and be as straight forward as possible with ther clients.

Jennifer St. George

I may have found another reason for the flickering.  In an interaction I was using there wasn't anything selected on the base layer so it was trying to constantly decide if it should be on the base layer or another which may have been causing the flickering.  You might try going through each slide to confirm there is something holding the content/learning to the base slide and then they click something specifically go to another layer.  Basically, I had a layer and the base layer 'selected' at the same time so SL was trying to accomodate both ... does that make sense to you Articulate Developer?

Omar Garces

Hi Leslie,

Thank you for you response. I was able to fix the flickering issue by changing the logic of my videos and slides but now on my Android device, the videos are coming up black while they load and than they play. Some times they play right away after the black screen appears, other times they lag and seem to fast forward causing the items that later appear in my slide to appear before they're intended to causing the animation to not be smooth. I will submit my .story file for the team to take a look at.


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