Storyline & Learndash Tin-Can

Apr 10, 2013

Hey guys I am having a bear of a time trying to upload to Learndash export from Storyline as Tin-Can. I have followed the tutorials from this site and this but still I am getting "Configuration data is missing or incorrect. Please try again." I have uploaded the content to scrom cloud and it works fine (I had to change it to "story.html" in Tin Can to make it work) now when I uploaded the content it did give me a waning, here is a screen shot. Not sure if that is the case or not. I feel that it is something that I am doing to cause this.

My test site is here I have the content linking to the Tin-Can here. Here is what it looks like in Storyline screenshot. I would really like this to work but I can't get past this step. I have also tried to link the story.html in the Tin-Can from another site with the same outcome.

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chad nixon

Just so I am clear on how to upload to Learndash for Tin-Can. First I click on the publish setting in Storyline then I click on the tracking section. Then under Launch URL I put the link that I want to report. Now does this have to be on another server or could it be on your own server just in another folder? So then course ID automatically puts in an id. Now I publish and zip. So now I need to upload it in 2 places I upload the zip file to the lesson page that I created then using the Articulate plugin and then I upload the unziped file to another folder on my server or another server, correct? Now the unzipped files should they have the Tin-Can Information on them as well? I currently have them as the same as the zipped is this correct?

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