Storyline Memory Problems

Hi, I have posted this before but the problem still remains. When I keep duplicating quiz slides up to say 30+ per scene, I get this message when I save:

The project file could not be saved.

Your system appears to be low on memory. Please close any other programs and try again.

I have 12GB of RAM and when I click save the highest it uses is 3.5GB so I have loads left! I close every program and it makes no difference. This appears that it is the program that is struggling. My processor is the i7 Ivy Bridge so very fast! Any ideas? Looks like a bug to me, Storyline not utilizing memory correctly.



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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Dan,

I remember your previous post and I see that you were able to open a case for this (#00307688). If you tried the solution that was sent and the problem still exists, please let support know by responding to the case email. If you didn't receive the response, please check to make sure the email didn't go into a spam folder/filter. 


Michael Fimian

Yeah, I occasionally run into the same thing on my 64-bit machine, but do so more on the 32-bit laptop, each w 3.2 GB usable ram (despite the 12 GB on the desktop).

I've found that by closing down all the other programs I can sometimes save it;  when I haven't been able to do so, I reboot and often find the edits still intact, or perhaps the last one missing.  By minimizing the number of programs on reboot, I rarely run into the issue again during that session....


Joe Countryman

This happens to me quite often as well.   I now leave the task manager open as I work on my project.  I have found that when I duplicate slides or do a lot of heavy copying and pasting it uses a lot of memory.  Once I see my project tying up around 700,000 K I save it and then reopen.  This seems to work for me.

Anne England

Having exactly this problem right now, trying to import slides from a big Quizmaker file. Frustrating, because what I'm trying to do is see whether Storyline can make this a smaller file eventually, as I think the file size in Quizmaker may be causing our client problems (they have a few IT issues that we think mean the quiz is timing out..

Anyway,. thanks for your tips, folks!

Anne England

OK - an update on this one. My memory problem was cropping up when I was attempting to import question slides from a very big Quizmaker quiz (134Mb) into Storyline. Not knowing what else to do, I split the Quizmaker file into two. I then went from one 134Mb file to two - one at 105Mb and one at 95Mb! I then cut out all but one question group and saved this - 85Mb!! What's going on here?

Either way, I'm still getting the memory warning even when I try to import five slides, or one! 

Can anyone help? This is getting increasingly frustrating.


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Bernard, 

This thread originally dealt with Storyline, and then the importing of Quizmaker into Storyline. With Studio 13, there is not yet the functionality to import Quizmaker files into Storyline, although that'll be part of a future update for Storyline. If you're having a Quizmaker specific problem, you may want to search the Quizmaker forums first or start a new thread there. You're also welcome to share some additional information here with us about what is happening with your Quizmaker files.