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I am using the free trial of Storyline. It has been working beautifully for a few weeks, but now I am suddenly unable to launch the application. When I try to launch Storyline the launch window comes up and stays stuck initializing commands, never progressing. In my task manager I can see that Storyling.exe is processing, but the application just never boots up past the initializing commands launch window. Rebooting hasn't resolved the issue. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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Matt M

Thanks for the prompt response, Justin.

I followed the article in running the repair tool in the Storyline installer, that did not resolve the issue. I also did a complete uninstall and new install of the application, that also did not resolve the issue.

Here is information on my machine:

Windows 7 Professional 32bit SP1

Intel i5 2.40Ghz

4gb RAM

Matt M

I'm back!

After sending my system files to the Articulate support team they determined that my computer was unstable and needed to be looked over and repaired before Storyline would be able to function normally again. I have just received a new computer and have been trying to run Storyline. The install was successful and the Storyline was able to launch normally, however (and I believe this is what happened before on the old computer) after I installed our company library of fonts Storyline has stopped launching once again. It is stuck on the splash window indicating that it is initializing commands, same as before.

Another bit to note,

When Storyline was launching successfully on the new computer (prior to installing the fonts) whenever I attempted to use the text tool I got a window telling me that my available memory was too low and Storyline would then crash. I followed the Articulate suggestion of downloading the version 4 update, but it has not resolved my problem and I continued to get the low memory message.

Ali Goulet

Hey Ashley!

I'm so sorry that's happening, thanks for letting us know about it.

I see that you've already reached out to our Support Engineers which was the perfect move. Your case has been escalated, and they'll be reaching out to you soon to get this resolved. You're in great hands!

I'll be keeping an eye on your case too, as this is something I haven't come across with Storyline 360 and I'm curious to the cause. 

Ali Goulet

Hey Kashan! 

Thanks for those details- so sorry that this is slowing you down.

You mentioned reinstalling so just to verify- did you use the steps here for Storyline 3 and Storyline 360? It looks like they resolved this issue for other users so I wanted to make sure. 

If you've run through those and you're still having this happen, let me know and I'll have one of our Support Engineers reach out to you directly to continue investigating this one-on-one! 

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Amy and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

Thanks for reaching out and letting us know that you're running into a similar issue.

We have some common reasons that you may have trouble during the sign-in process that are covered in our documentation here.

I would recommend following the instructions here to be sure that your Storyline software is working as expected.

Let us know if that does the trick for you.