Storyline not working on iPad but works everywhere else


I read through a similar thread on this and uploaded my files to the temp server that was posted on a different thread.  The files uploaded and I sent the link to my collegue who tested it on her iPad.  The course worked great using Safari and iPad. 

We also published out of Storyline and uploaded to the LMS.  The course works fine in all browsers on laptops, but we can't get it to work in Safari on the iPad.  So here are some specs:

1. We're using iPad 2

2. Latest version of Safari with pop-up blockers disabled

3. SumTotal LMS

4. Course was published out of the Storyline 30-day trial (we are waiting to be approved to buy the software)

5. "Include HTML5 Output" is checked in the output box

When we try to access the course via the LMS on the iPad, we are only getting a blank pop-up window and that's all.  Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated! 



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Katy Joy

We actually just found out that it's an issue with SumTotal. We have to purchase an additional module within SumTotal for any courses to work on mobile devices and we need to install a mobile app for sumtotal on the iPads.  We have some upgrading to do with our LMS! Maybe this is the same issue for you?

Oswaldo Villoch

Hi Katy and Brenda,

I am using SumTotal 2013 and was wondering if you had any updates regarding your experiences publishing Articulate courses to SumTotal for delivery on the iPad?  I have been experience issues getting the courses to play properly and the screen size not sizing correctly in the iPad. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Oswaldo, 

I'm not sure that Katy and Brenda are still subscribed to this thread as it's from 2012, so you may want to send them a private message.

In the meantime, have you also tested your course at SCORM Cloud, an industry standard testing method for SCORM content, to see how it behaves there? If all works as expected you may want to connect with your LMS team to see if they have any known issues on their end. Also, it's worth confirming that you're using update 5 of Storyline as when this thread was written all the community members were likely on Update 1 or 2. 

Let us know if you have any additional questions!