Storyline path to audio files?

May 20, 2016

I am having an issue with audio files not loading, because the directory structure that the external designer had for the audio files is not the same as mine.

Is there ANY way to tell where Storyline is expecting the audio file to be?? Programs like After Effects and InDesign show you the expected file path when an asset is missing.


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Steve Flowers

Audio files imported into Storyline are encapsulated into the source file. There aren't external references for media files. If you want to edit the original files, you can export as Wendy advised or -- if you're using Storyline 2 -- the source file can be unpacked. 

Before trying to unpack your source, make a copy. Also, this isn't supported, so if you end up breaking the copy Articulate won't bail you out;)

1. Rename your copy from *.story to *.zip.

2. Unzip that file.

3. In the unzipped folder, you'll see a story folder. Explore this folder and the media folder contained within.

Each file is named with a unique identifier. So you'll need to figure out which file goes with what slide / layer. It's VERY IMPORTANT that no files are added, deleted, or filenames change in any of the structure. However, you can safely edit the file as long as you save it back into place. 

When finished, rezip the contents of the unzipped folder and name the .zip back to .story. If the file contents were modified properly, the file will now open up in Storyline.

I've used this method to edit graphics reused on slides and to edit audio files and video files. 

Steve Flowers

Does sound like it's corrupted. Have seen this particular issue pop up in the forums. The causes for folks that reported it included working their story file from a network share or leaving the storyline file open for an extended period. 

In each case, it seemed that the audio files needed to be re-imported. You might want to report a support case and ask Articulate to have a peek at your file. They might be able to recommend an alternate way to fix the problem.

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